Raiders of the Lost Room

Based on True Events!

1655. Windsor, Connecticut.

A pirate ship sails up the Connecticut River after ransacking a Spanish treasure ship. After a brief encounter with settlers of Connecticut's first town, the pirates leave the area never to return.

1960. East Granby, Connecticut.

A local resident finds carved stones near Salmon Brook indicating the location where the stolen treasure was buried. Historians are able to translate the carvings but each stone must be put back in the position it was discovered in for their meaning to have value.

Present Day.

A cabin has been discovered hidden in the woods near Salmon Brook. It is believed that the stones and possibly the treasure are hidden here. Can you decode the clues and walk away with the riches?

Our Biggest Adventure!

This complex design has multiple intersecting puzzle strings that can give even an experienced  escape artist a challenge. Best for large groups.





*Plays best with 8-15 people



Best Time: 53 Minutes with 12 Players

Best for Team Building, Large Groups, or experienced challenge seekers

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